Employment at QSR means belonging to aculture of excellence. QSR employees are engaged, energized, and empoweredevery day to produce superior product that saves lives. Our employees displayrespect, integrity, compassion, accountability and innovation. They are teamand goal oriented and have winning attitudes.


QSR has a culture of compassion and generosity. Heavily involved in the community,employees have donated many hours and a little money such as Relay for Life, aprogram designed to help those employees facing an unexpected burden.


A culture of fun exists for employees at QSR. Annual events such as a summer party, sports event, family party.Employees enjoy a generous paid time off .


QSR rewards its employees with a culture of stability. We offer competitive pay,including profit sharing bonuses and a robust benefits package. QSR employeesmaintain a sense of value and pride in the meaningful and life-saving work theyperform every day. As a fast-growing company, our employees have amazingopportunity for promotion from within.


QSR employees benefit from a culture ofeducation. Opportunities abound with on-site training along with industrycertifications.


A culture of diversity makes QSR awonderful place to work. QSR is proud to be an Affirmative Action/EqualOpportunity Employer. QSR provides equal employment opportunity for allpersons, in all facets of employment. QSR maintains a cigarette-free workplace.



Treat others in the manner you would  like to be treated


Honesty and fairness must be the  overriding principle to all business we conduct


Understanding for QSR’s need to  conduct business balanced with the needs of all our team members


Every team member is accountable to  the entire QSR team, its suppliers, and our customers


The ability to be creative and strive  for improved efficiency and product quality

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